Unit Converter

2023-11-23 2024-01-07 2024-01-07 1 min
Date : 2013-08
Tech : JavaScript, HTA

There's not much to tell about this work, as it feels just another "to-do app", the ones that one "has to" do when one is experimenting with a new language. I could be done with a few units, but I like being through. I guess that's why I added all 17 units.

One thing that was different in this work was the use of HTA and iframes. I remember looking into developing desktop apps, but as I was a newbie then, it was a long shot. I thought there had to be a quicker way. Then I came across HTA. This kind of solved my desktop-app issue.

However, HTA is not that great. It uses IE under the hood, and I suppose, not even the latest version. So there were visual (an probably JS) issues. Looking for alternatives, I came across XULRunner. Compared to HTA, it was more complicated, but provided better experience.