About Me

Hi, there. I'm Noreh, and I'm a software engineer. I'm usually on the full-stack side of things.


One of the most striking traits that I have is curiosity. This entails a lot of things, but primarily experimentation and creativity. I seem to have an insatiable desire for knowledge. Combine these with programming, and you get a never-ending journey.

How I Met Programming

I started programming before university. Although I studied ELT, what I actually wanted to study was something related to science, i.e., physics, astronomy, maths, etc. Well, life had other plans. Back then, while I was somewhat interested in programming, I didn't have any real practice. At some point, I thought knowing programming might support and give me an edge in pursuit of science. One of the first things that I've built was a solar system animation which I enjoyed very much.

I kept experimenting/programming in my university years. While a few of them were school related, most of them, again, were science related. Another one that I particularly like is about colors. I remember there being a smooth continuous color transition in one of the screens when installing/formatting Windows. I tried to create the same animation. This was like a rabbit hole into color models. Learned a lot of things.

After university, life intervened again, and I started programming professionally. I started with building websites and ended up working with enterprise softwares. There's been a significant transition, so I had to keep up with a lot of things. My curiosity also make things a little harder by putting a lot on my plate, so it felt like a double major, maybe even more. Nevertheless, that's how I like it.

Nowadays, I continue to work with custom enterprise solutions. Also trying to keep my interest in science with pet projects.